Big B gets nostalgic as Paa completes 10 years

.. he be in adverts .. he do them a few with the me .. he be the heading of them that forefront the world .. he be different in his applications of content .. on his writing and his sense ..


.. after a few .. a meet to convey the intent for film .. advert to film a most common phenon .. but there is insistence .. there is some genuine of ability and desire and passion .. it is agreed ..


.. a different approach to story and style .. but displayed without argument .. and it conforms , and confirms ..


.. after a success and acclaim another meet to discuss next ..


.. it breathes improbability .. it breathes breathless involvement of many thoughts .. but the persistence is intense .. there are questions on its construct .. there is arguments and debates and considerations ..


.. a convince of its execution ..


.. a moment for its test ..


.. and in the confines of the Conference facility of Hotel at Hyds 4 minars a set up to test ..


.. technical craftsmen of the business come with ideas and material .. blocks and moulds have been done one too many .. the prostheticised incarnations are an adventure ..


.. fitted , an exuberant air rushes through the hall of business centered hall .. and the first to exclaim in its excitement is the PC’d dop .. drop everything around get out of the way let me compose ..


.. and it is conformed and confirmed ..


.. all done .. on to the sets .. confidentiality of covered secrecy ..


.. what to wear , how to look where to walk how to speak .. all worked in precision .. and it rolls ..


but this is indoors .. what of the outdoors .. no issues ..


.. across the seas shall be gone in land of Malay or thereabouts .. keep the ‘you know who’ out of the way .. it works ..


.. several more and overseas too in different vilayati environ ..


.. BUT a casting manoeuvre to be considered ..


.. the Son of the Father to be the Father of the Son ..


.. he that be in real be the Son to the Father ; but the object be that Son of the Father be addressing the Father as ..


PAA ..!!!


It is 10 years tomorrow for the Son Father Son ..


astonished in its accomplishment .. amazed at its outcome .. awarded in national and others .. and now 10 years ! ..


R BALKI .. the creator and the executor of this dream of his .. efficient and ever in disguised concept .. ever giving me reason to believe that before his attention to me , what exactly does he consume ..


.. what Balki .. I do wish too know ..

.. his endeavours continue .. his unique ideas prevail ever .. well actually every other week .. all in a space that bring exclamation of desire to be getting on with it ( barring a few recent ones ..🤪) ..


thank you Balki for your enthusiasm and endeavour each time .. we will get together again soon .. but on the ‘other’ one .. 🤣

.. and for the 10 years that have nourished the appetite may it be acknowledged as this advert directors immense potential in its creative balance ..


Source: Amitabh Bachchan’s Official Blog